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Conversations with Alba, 15 Months

Alba at 15 Months from Jim & Ravyn Stadick on Vimeo.

Alba is 15 months old today. Last week, we took a few minutes to document a bit of what she’s up to these days!

Aside from her “tricks”, baby girls is just blossoming. She’s so, so funny … makes us laugh all of the time. She’s also rather “spirited”. Tantrum (complete with kicks) are a “thing” now. Oh man. She’s strong-willed, but I think I’m okay with it!

She’s still not walking (insert crazy mom brain … do not Google “baby not walking at 15 months”), and really doesn’t show much interest in doing so.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that she had a little accident at school, and knocked one of her front teeth out. Now that she’s all healed up, I am totally okay with it. Her gapped smile makes me weak in the knees.

Current words: dada, mama, dog, kitty, car, cool, poop, yes, no, Bill, Ruca, Gigi (gaga), go, diaper, good girl, baby, belly. She’ll basically mock anything we tell her. She also sings, and is starting to repeat tunes.

Current signs: airplane, please, more, gorilla, poop, pee, thank you, I love you, car … I am certain there are more, but hey, mom brain!

This girl is a tornado. Happy 15 months, sweet girl!!

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