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Baby’s First Thanksgiving


Yesterday was our first big holiday with Alba. Sure, we’ve done Easter, St. Patty’s Day, and the 4th of July, but this is the holiday season. It’s the first big holiday where we’re building our traditions. We decided we’d stay home this year. I said I’d make “just a few things”, and we’d have a lazy day. HA! (I made way too much.)

We woke up around 7:00. Notice I didn’t say 2:00 am … Al has slept through the night the last three nights. FINALLLYYYY! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle. I decided to make something sweet for breakfast, and turned to my favorite cookbook, Isa Does It. I picked the orange chocolate chip bundt cake, and it was amazing. And yeah, I am totally okay with eating cake for breakfast on holidays.

This year was also special, because it was our first cruelty free, vegan Thanksgiving. I wanted to make my favorite comfort foods without using animal products. I was a little nervous about the outcome, but my goodness, it was amazing. I even converted a few family recipes.


Overall, it was a beautiful day. I have so very much to be thankful for, and I got to be with the people I love the most.

Here’s a peek at our first Thanksgiving as a family.


Our menu!


Typical vegan kitchen. Always soaking cashews! And, yeah, so many plant based cheeses and dairy goods.


Alba ready for the feast.


J carving the Tofurkey. LOL.


My big plate of Thanksgiving goodness!


J’s apple pie, complete with his first homemade dough.


Skyping in her bear coat.


The morning after. Mimosas, potatoes, Field Roast breakfast sausage, and the orange chocolate chip cake.


I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving too!

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