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Baby Fever

There. I said it! I have baby fever!! … I know I’ve hinted at it before, but now, it’s really in full force.

Before, we were just getting settled into our new life in Portland. Now, we’re settled. Before, I didn’t have health coverage that would cover pregnancy. Now, I do. Before, Jimmy and I were unsure of our financial situation in this new place. Now, we’re saving & have our budget all figured out. Before, we had some rough days where we weren’t communicating effectively. Now, we’ve really worked on respecting our relationship & marriage, and we’re really really happy.

So, now, it’s a matter of time.

Today I was thinking about something really interesting: I’m not in love with other people’s babies. I don’t swoon every time I see a newborn … I don’t go crazy when I see baby things. While I do think baby clothes are cute, and of course, I think newborns are adorable, I get way more excited when I think about our babies.

What will they look like? Will they look more like me or J? I imagine J as a dad … an amazing dad. I can’t even say it or think about that enough … Him reading bedtime stories to our kids, or teaching them all of the things that dads teach their kids. I can’t wait for the nights when we put our kids to bed then have a lovely date night in the comfort of our own home. I can’t wait for family camping trips, and for these future kids to play with our dogs. I’m not even sure I am fully ready to raise a child (is anyone ever really ready??), but I am so excited to be pregnant & birth a baby. I’m excited to foster a life … I’m excited to teach a child, and help them grow into a good person.

We are only getting older … we could wait forever, then our chance will be gone. We’re comfortable in our life right now. It’s the first time in a long time we’ve been really comfortable … comfortable with money, with our time, with the adventures we’re going on, with friends, and with each other. So, it’s one of those things … do we give up a little bit of comfort to leap into the next chapter? We’ve only been married for 4 years, but we’ve been together for almost 7. I’ve wanted to have J’s babies for most of that time!! I can’t help it … he’s a good looking man.

This is where we are …

It’s only a matter of time.

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