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Alba :: 3 Months


Our sweet Alba, today you are 3 months old. This marks the end of your 4th trimester … Little lady, we are so very in love with you. The last month has been amazing. As I was starting to mourn the end of your newborn days, you made me realize that each day is better than the last. I do miss the days when you were so very tiny, but this crazy-interactive stage is so amazing as well.

This month, you laughed! It was just a few giggles, and you’ve only done it once, but man, it was delicious! Your papa made you laugh (that’s so like you two). In opposite news, you also had your first meltdown. We were driving back from the coast, and you started crying. Papa and I got so worried, we pulled over to cuddle you like crazy. This month, your Grandma Jane came to Portland for a visit … You’ve now met all 3 of your wonderful grandmothers. Now we just need to get your grandpas out here!

We do tummy time each day, and you’re a champ at holding your head up. We are no longer sharing the big bed, but papa built you the most wonderful co-sleeper that’s much like an extension of our bed. I can reach right over & hold you when you need it. Most mornings, I reach over, grab you, you nurse, then we doze back to sleep for awhile. Speaking of sleep, you’re now sleeping through the night. You’re such a wonderful sleeper, and we know how very lucky we are.

This month, you had so many new adventures: a trip to the coast, your first hike, and putting your little toes in the sand for the first time. Get ready little one … your papa and I love to adventure, and you’re coming along for the ride. On our bucket list this year: California road trip, a vacation to Seattle & Canada, going to Indiana, and many more little journeys.

Breastfeeding has changed so much. My pain is nearly gone. On a scale from 1-10 it’s gone from a 10 to a 1 … I still have little moments of pain, but it’s so much better. As it turned out, that pesky tongue tie was the culprit. I am still really struggling with supply due to low gland tissue, so we are supplementing about 6 oz. of formula per day. Now that the supply issues are all we’re dealing with, this feels so doable. I feel so blessed that the pain went away, and I’m damn proud of myself for sticking through intense pain for 12 weeks.

I’m really looking forward to this next month. I imagine you’ll be doing those belly laughs in no time. You’re going to start rolling over (you’re so close), and we’ll keep practicing sitting up. Your nanny, Brittany is starting this next month, which means mama will be able to get back to work full time. I’ll still be at home, and I just know Brit will take such wonderful care of you.

Baby girl, you are like sunshine … you just brighten our lives every single day! I love that you smile about 8,304 times a day … I love that you chat & coo with us. You’re now a 1/4 of a year old, and while it makes my head spin, I love to watch you grow. We love you so much!

Here are some photos that make us swoon!


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