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Adventures in Candle Making

Last weekend, we decided we’d try our hand at making homemade candles. Yes, we know that’s really Portland of us. Truthfully, we are a bit addicted to a few different brands of sweet pine candles, and we were tired of paying $25.00+ for each candle. So, we headed out to Sellwood to the Portland Homestead Supply Co. for everything we needed. Not only were the staff so incredibly knowledgeable & helpful, we also got to pet goats & hand out with a few shop chickens. Win win.

The process of making candles is much easier than I thought. After a few Google searches we were ready to get going. Basically, adhere the wicks to the bottom on your jars, melt the wax in a double boiler, add the fragrance, pour into your jars, ensure your wick is standing up straight (hence our beautiful homemade blue paper wick holders), and wait. The only challenging thing so far as been finding the perfect fragrance. We started with two essential oils from Homestead. They were awesome, but not the perfect sweet pine we were hoping for. The next day, we headed out to Hawthorne to an essential oil store. We found the perfect scent, but 1 ounce cost $32, which kind of defeats the purpose of making candles to save money. We’ve done a bit of online shopping for fragrance, and we’re still not quite there. Like I said … it’s been the only challenging part, but it’s been fun finding excuses to get out all of our supplies and make a batch of candles.

I also feel a little bit legit for making a candle that burns correctly, and looks pretty.

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